Flagship Beers

These three brews will always be on tap at our brew house.

Eagle Aye-P-A

American IPA

Available in cans!

6.1% ABV
Eagle Aye PA.png

As American as the U.S. National Emblem, the Bald Eagle which represents independence and freedom, Eagle Aye-P-A celebrates the preservation of independent craft breweries in the United States and the freedom to compete in the marketplace by brewing bold, refreshing styles to meet consumers' demand.  The Classic American IPA features Mosaic hops which deliver bold mango, citrus and pine hop flavors that blend together with a light crystal malt sweetness to create this easy drinking IPA.  Champion independence, enjoy your freedom - drink Eagle Aye-P-A.

Mae West

Blonde Ale

Available in cans!

5.0% ABV

WW II servicemen honored the legendary blonde bombshell by naming an inflatable life jacket after her famously buxom figure. When the front air pockets of the life vest inflated, it gave the wearer a “top heavy” appearance, much like the well-endowed actress. West made a name for herself in vaudeville before becoming an early Hollywood star.  She was best known for her hourglass figure and lighthearted, bawdy double entendres.  Likewise, our Blonde Ale is full bodied and sassy. Easy drinking and low in bitterness, a light floral and spicy hop character pairs with malty sweetness and a refreshing finish.  Like its namesake, this beer can be a real lifesaver on a hot day!

O'Dark Thirty

Irish Extra Stout

Available in cans!

6.0% ABV

You know the old proverb, “it’s always darkest before the dawn”? In nautical jargon, that’s O'Dark Thirty.    O'Dark Thirty designates an unspecified time which occurs sometime after midnight but well before sunrise, and usually associated with starting the work day – like getting the cutter, boat or ship underway, standing watch, etc. No matter what the exact time is, it is always dark. Very dark. That’s a perfect description of our Irish Extra Stout. Midnight black and full-bodied without being thick or sweet; this is not your father’s Irish Stout. After drinking one, you’ll surely find O'Dark Thirty to your liking – no matter what time it is!

Limited Release

Experimental beers brewed on our 1 bbl pilot system are released as Limited Release beers.  These beers are only available at the brewery and are only sold by the glass.  Stop by before these limited release beers are gone!  Sorry, no growler fills.

Home for the Holidays
Peppermint Imperial Stout

9.9%  Imperial stout with a hint of holiday cheer         75 IBU.

Seasonal and Rotational

A few of our taps are dedicated to offering rotational and seasonal beers. These select options are produced at the same scale as our flagship beers, but may only be brewed a few times per year. Check back with us frequently to see what's on tap!


Siberian Surrender - Bourbon

10.4% Russian Imperial Stout-RIS) RIS aged in Bourbon Barrels. 75 IBU

Siberian Surrender - Rum

10.4% Russian Imperial Stout-RIS) RIS aged in Rum Barrels. 75 IBU

4 Sheets to the Wind - Bourbon

11.3%  Belgian Quad/Dark Strong) Belgian style ale aged in Bourbon Barrels. 35 IBU.                                                                                 

4 Sheets to the Wind - Rum

Chardonnay Barrel Imperial Blonde

11.3%  Belgian Quad/Dark Strong) Belgian style ale aged in Rum Barrels. 35 IBU.                                                                                 

8.8% Imperial Blonde w/orange aged in Chardonnay Barrels   


Iwo Jima Classic Lager
Munich Helles

5.4%  Soft nutty and biscuit malt character balanced by crisp floral hops.    19 IBU

Amber Lager

5.4%  Smooth toasted maltiness and crisp hop bitterness creating a clean, dry finish.  28 IBU.


Eagle Aye
American IPA


Session IPA

6.1%  Classic American IPA featuring Mosaic hops.    61 IBU

4.2%  A perfect balance of hop bitterness featuring Simcoe hops and a light malt character combining to make an aggressive session IPA   42 IBU.

Polar Roller

6.8%  A unique scarlet hue and slight hint of caramel flavor, this East Coast IPA is rounded out with a satisfying dry finish.    61 IBU.

Recon Rye

6.6%  Rye spiciness brings a distinct light pepper dryness.  The bitterness combines the Citrus, Floral and Spice notes from the hops.

Imperial Hazy IPA

8.9%  Our Old Dominion IPA features the bold citrus flavors of Simcoe and Amarillo hops,  43 IBU.

Bravo Zulu
Double IPA

8.6% Light caramel grain flavor is clean, semi-dry in a full bodied beer.  A hop showcase of citrus and pine hop flavor and aroma. 99 IBU.

Squeeze Play
Grapefruit IPA

5.9%  A splash of bold grapefruit flavor in a refreshing tropical IPA. 60 IBU


O'Dark Thirty
Irish Extra Stout

6.0%  Midnight black and full-bodied without being thick or sweet.         40 IBU.   Available on nitro

British Breakfast
Oatmeal Stout

5.6%  Full-bodied with a coffee and cream aroma and mild oatmeal, chocolate, and dark roasted coffee flavor 33 IBU


Mae West
Blonde Ale

5.0%   Malty, easy drinking blonde ale with low hop bitterness.    20 IBU.

Sea Mist

Craft Hard Seltzer

4.8  A refreshing bright, gluten free low calorie beverage.  0 IBU. Gluten Free / 90 Calories (unflavored))  0 IBU

Sluggin' Gus
Blackberry Blonde Ale


5.0%  Bright blackberry with soft malt graininess blend perfectly for our Fred Nats signature beer!  20 IBU.

4.8%  A amber, refreshing German style wheat beer with a dry finish, fluffy mouthfeel, and a distinctive yeast character of banana and clove. 12 IBU.  

Gose - Cranberry/Orange

4.9%  A tart, refreshing fruit ale brewed with sea salt.  7 IBU.