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Catering Notes

6B&G offers catered events at the brew house. We have a comprehensive catering menu with many options to choose from. We require that parties of over 20 people order in advance from the catering menu. Orders are required 10 days in advance to give the head chef time to place the food order and staff up the kitchen, and the event coordinator time to properly staff the event. We often get requests for large parties of over 20 people to order from the regular menu. We will always do our best to accommodate large parties without reservations, and rarely turn people away, but it's better for everyone if large parties are catered and planned in advance. This allows the food to be properly prepped, so it all comes out at the same time, on time. It also ensures that we have enough food on hand to accommodate the party, and for the rest of our customers during a busy shift. In a situation where 20+ people all order off the regular menu at the same time without advanced notification, it would likely result in delays and the party's food coming out at different times because we can only cook so many entrees at once, especially if the kitchen is not staffed up. It also results in less than ideal service out front because we are likely not properly staffed to serve the large party, especially if it occurs at a busy time. Moreover, the potential unnecessary burden on the kitchen staff results in longer wait times for customers who arrive after the large party, and possibly a situation where we run out of some food items. Wait times remove constraints in the system and even the flow, but the more we can manage this in advance the better. Everything is connected to everything else. Large unexpected parties create a "pig in the python" effect ... service slows down and the one large party negatively impacts the entire restaurant and virtually everyone's dining experience. Help us keep things flowing ... plan your large party in advance and consider ordering from our catering menu. Thanks!

Email if you’d like to talk more. 

Photos: Leanne Hitt

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