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our logo

6B&G’s logo is a weathered life ring bordered by water wings. The three main components of the logo; the weathered life ring, the water wings, and the colors connect our past, present and future as a company (and a brewing force to be reckoned with).

Our Past:

The weathered life ring pays homage to our nautical backgrounds in our Nation’s sea-going services, as well as their proud lifesaving traditions.  It acknowledges the armed forces’ rich history of service to this country and represents the experience, professionalism, dedication, and sacrifice America’s service members display everyday as they make sacrifices and go in harm’s way. We are very proud of our country and those who have served to protect and defend it.

Our Present:

Our shared military backgrounds, common values and commitment to service, and long-time friendships have created a strong bond between the seven of us.  Over the years, we have been through many successes and challenges both as a team and individually.  Through it all, we have consistently demonstrated a sincere and enduring loyalty to support each other.  The life ring, in this instance, portrays this unmatched circle of trust.


Our Future:

We pledge to honor those who share our values of selfless service, and to support the Fredericksburg community and beyond.  In this case, the life ring represents hope. Throwing a life ring to someone is akin to protecting them…extending a helping hand…providing a second chance.  It symbolizes the nature of those people committed to helping others.  We are committed to honoring those who help others, as well as helping the community in which we work and live.


The Water Wings:

Much like the 13 stripes on the American Flag which represent the original 13 colonies, the seven water wings pay tribute to Harkcon, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business committed to providing customized, comprehensive solutions that improve organizational performance at all levels.  6B&G is a partnership with Harkcon; the seven owners of 6B&G are the same seven owners who started Harkcon in 2005.

The Colors:

Colors play an important role in brand identity.  At first glance, the color of the life ring may seem typical of most life rings aboard ship.  But it’s not International Orange.  It is a unique color – Red, Right, Returning - the fusion of Coast Guard Red and Harkcon Orange, to symbolize the over 200 years of leadership, management, and business acumen this team of seven brings to the new 6B&G venture.  The Navy Blue lettering and water wings give a strong and deliberate nod to our Navy brother and partner, the Goat.

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