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flagship brews


Mae West 


WW II servicemen honored the legendary blonde bombshell, Mae West, by naming an inflatable life jacket after her famously buxom figure. When the front air pockets of the life vest inflated, it gave the wearer a “top heavy” appearance, much like the well-endowed actress. West made a name for herself in vaudeville before becoming an early Hollywood star.  She was best known for her hourglass figure and lighthearted, bawdy double entendres. 


Likewise, our Mae West Blonde Ale is full bodied and sassy. Easy drinking and low in bitterness, a light floral and spicy hop character pairs with malty sweetness and a refreshing finish.  Like its namesake, this beer can be a real lifesaver on a hot day!

Eagle Aye-P-A


As American as the U.S. National Emblem, the Bald Eagle which represents independence and freedom, Eagle Aye-P-A celebrates the preservation of independent craft breweries in the United States and the freedom to compete in the marketplace by brewing bold, refreshing styles to meet consumers' demand. 


The Classic American IPA features Mosaic hops which deliver bold mango, citrus and pine hop flavors that blend together with a light crystal malt sweetness to create this easy drinking IPA.  Champion independence, enjoy your freedom - drink Eagle Aye-P-A.


o'dark thirty



You know the old proverb, “it’s always darkest before the dawn”? In nautical jargon, that’s O'Dark Thirty.  O'Dark Thirty designates an unspecified time that occurs sometime after midnight but well before sunrise, and is often associated with dangerous yet exciting military maneuvers and operations. No matter what the exact time is, it is always dark. Very dark.


That’s a perfect description of our Irish Extra Stout. This beer is midnight black and full-bodied without being thick or sweet. It’s the embodiment of those sacred early hours…dark and provocative, yet inexplicably smooth and satisfying. After drinking one, you’ll surely find O'Dark Thirty to your liking – no matter what time of day it is!

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