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our culture

"but this is a brewery"

Recently, we spoke with a long-time restaurant owner who questioned our wait times and the fact that we don't take reservations. After a lengthy conversation with this all-knowing restaurateur, I replied ... "but this is a brewery." He was perplexed and didn't know what to say. 6 Bears & a Goat is a brewery first. We have up to 21 styles of beer at the bar all brewed in-house. We also have an outdoor bar with 18 taps. 6B&G was inspired by numerous visits to German biergartens where families and friends meet for hours on end ... a community gathering place with a Cheers-like atmosphere where regular customers will always see someone they know and where new customers are treated like regulars. We even have an 86-year-old Marine we affectionately call "Norm." He's in here every day, but don't tell his wife Sharon. She thinks he's at Lowe's.

We do not put customers "on the clock"

There's an inviting feeling when you walk in our door that you don't find in most "regular restaurants." We do not put customers "on the clock." And while we fully understand the benefits of seats and turns in the restaurant business, we have a different model. Customers not only come to enjoy our great beer and great food, but they'll also play a round of disc golf ... or a game of corn hole ... or take a tour of the brewery ... or enjoy some live music on the outdoor stage. 6B&G is the ONLY brewery in the Fredericksburg area with a full restaurant and a full bar. These assets are extremely important to us, but they do not define us as a restaurant, rather they are an integral part of the brew house experience. 6B&G operates a scratch kitchen and never declines large parties that walk in the door. Just the other day, we were close to full capacity during a busy dinner service with live music and 30 Marines walked in the door with no warning. While it would have been nice to get a heads up, we didn't turn them away. What other "restaurant" would take that on?! So, if you're wondering why the wait times seem unusually long on Friday and Saturday nights ... look around. You will likely see a 10-top here, a 14-top over there, and perhaps a 22-top that just walked in the door.

Patriotism, service, community

And then there's our event space. Behind the closed door by the entrance is likely a party of 40-50 people. We have over 150 seats inside and almost the same amount of seats outside. Combine that with a scratch kitchen that accommodates all guests at all times ... yep, it's not uncommon for us to go from 0-60 in 15 minutes and that could cause a bit of a wait. Most of these large parties that would never think of waltzing into a "regular restaurant" unannounced are the people we honor most in this community ... military, law enforcement, first responders, and educators ... we won't turn them away and they can stay as long as we're open. Patriotism, Service, Community ... that's what this place is about. These are the values that drive our business model ... and these are the values that resulted in 6B&G winning the 'Best of the Burg's Best Local Brewery six years in a row, Best Restaurant and Best Bar four years in a row, Best Wait Staff and Best Place to Work. Great beer, great food, great atmosphere and great service ... your stay may just take a little longer. Relax and be part of the brew house experience. Prost!

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