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Brew It Again

We brew a wide selection of beer styles at 6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company.  Many of our beers are first tested on our 1 BBL pilot system and are released on our Limited Release tap.  Our customers are our true litmus test for our beer and many of you have asked us to Brew It Again.  Below is a list of the beers we've brewed and you may see again on our On Tap page.  Keep watching our social media for what's being released and what you've asked us to Brew It Again.

Rotational Beers

Classic American Pilsner     5.9% ABV      34 IBU                       

Pre-Prohibition Lager.  A clean, refreshing, pale American pilsner showcasing a light grainy-sweet flavor balanced by crisp hop bitterness.  


Double IPA                        8.7% ABV      100 IBU    

Light caramel grain flavor is clean, semi-dry in a full bodied beer.  A hop showcase of citrus and pine hop flavor and aroma. 

Bavarian Helles                 4.9% ABV      28 IBU          ON TAP          

A pale German style lager with a smooth malt flavor and dry light hop bitterness in the finish.  28 IBU

Scottish Heavy                    4.2% ABV      17 IBU                   

Malt focused, session-strength beer.  The malt provides a rich caramel, toffee and toast flavor not usually found in a low ABV beer.

Old Dominion IPA               6.0%              58 IBU     ON TAP

Juicy tangerine, papaya and light citrus fill your senses as you enjoy this variation of a New England style IPA.

Czechmate Amber Lager      5.4%             28 IBU   ON TAP

Our Czech style amber lager resembles a Vienna Lager with a soft, smooth maltiness but has the hop bitterness similar to a Pilsner with a clean, dry finish

Goat's Beer'd
Gluten Free English Bitter  ON TAP

4.4% ABV                      

Like many of you, 6B&G’s Goat suffers from celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disorder that affects 1 in every 100 people worldwide. That means there are a whole lot of people out there who cannot enjoy 6B&G’s craft beer, including our Goat...until now. In true shipmate fashion, our Head Brewer - a Marine who is used to looking after his Navy brethren - created Goat's Beer'd. This gluten-free beer is fashioned after an English Bitter, with East Kent Goldings hops and Millet malt fronting the grain bill. Low in alcohol and carbonation, this easy-drinking beer has a bold, expressive flavor that defines a great bitter. Go ahead and take a long pull on this Goat's Beer'd - you'll find it's as easy on your stomach as it is on your taste buds! 

Caution: Brewed in a facility that also brews beers containing gluten.

Seasonal Beers


American Amber Ale          5.8% ABV     40 IBU                      

Amber colored ale with a moderate caramel malt character.  Hop bitterness is balanced with the malt but still comes forward providing a dry light citrus finish.


Rye IPA                             6.1% ABV      55 IBU                       

Rye spiciness brings a subtle pepper dryness blending well with the floral and spice notes from the hops.  A change of pace from your everyday pale IPA


Strong Scotch Ale               9.7% ABV      29 IBU                 

Rich, malty with a touch of dark cherry sweetness.  This complex beer is made for sipping.

Dark Nacht - Black Lager   4.8% ABV      27 IBU                      

A dark German lager with a bold black color matching that time of night when most people are safe in bed.  The light roast and crisp finish of this German style Schwarzbier will make you glad you didn't stay home.

Siberian Exile                     9.9% ABV      76 IBU

Russian Imperial Stout - Black roasted coffee flavor with a creamy mouthfeel. This Russian Imperial Stout is thick and warm on a cold winter day.


Munich Helles                     5.1% ABV      19 IBU                       

Munich Light Lager with a soft nutty and biscuit malt character balanced by crisp floral hops make this golden lager a refreshing everyday drink. 


Black IPA                            7.0% ABV      69 IBU                      

The bold hop bitterness and flavor of an IPA with the color of a stout.  Light dark coffee notes blend with the piney and citrus hop flavors.


Red Right Returning              5.7% ABV      23 IBU                    

Irish Red Ale - An easy-drinking pint.  Malt-focused with an initial sweetness and a roasted dryness in the finish. 


Saison                               7% ABV         31 IBU                              

Standard strength Farmhouse Ale with an underlying light pepper dry finish and fresh lemon in the nose. 

Hefeweizen                        4.8% ABV      12 IBU        ON TAP

A pale, refreshing German wheat beer with a dry finish, a fluffy mouthfeel, and a distinctive banana-and-clove yeast character.

Gose                                                                                 ON TAP

German style sour wheat ale.


American Wheat                 4.4% ABV      18 IBU                       

An easy drinking Summertime ale you can drink anytime of the year.  Low levels of bready and grainy wheat flavor along with American citrus hops shine brightly through this light color beer.  


Seas The Day - Summer White IPA             4.8% ABV      38 IBU                    ON TAP 

Summer White IPA is a refreshing beam of sunshine in a glass.  Subtle hints of fresh pine and apricot blend well with the light bready malt flavor.  This IPA is easy to drink all summer long.


Black & Blonde                   5.0% ABV      18 IBU                       

(Blackberry Blonde Ale)

Take our hand crafted Blonde Ale, add fresh blackberries from Westmoreland Berry Farm and you have a refreshing fruit beer with a hint of tartness and light malt refreshment. 


Grapefruit IPA                     8.7% ABV      100 IBU                       

Pink grapefruit IPA on a Summer day!  Don’t be misled by the low bitterness of this IPA.  We used a multiple dry hopping technique to provide the IPA bitterness you expect.


Bär Hafen - Marzen                            6.2% ABV      22 IBU                     

Situated along California’s Lost Coast lies Bär Hafen, or Bear Harbor. Though the harbor was treacherous to navigate, dauntless sailors maneuvered schooners in and out, loading their decks with lumber destined for San Francisco. Inspired by these daring nautical forebearers, we present our Märzen Oktoberfest-style beer. This German amber lager has a rich, toasted malt flavor, and a dry, spicy finish


Pilothouse Pumpkin Porter                    6.8% ABV      45 IBU                         

We added a splash of pumpkin pie spices to our robust porter get you ready for your trip to Grandma’s house.


Pilothouse Porter                       6.8% ABV      45 IBU                          

Chocolate and coffee in a refreshing blend of dark brown malts.  Earthy floral hop character balances the dark malt flavors.


Rye Double IPA                    8.1% ABV      98 IBU                          

Rye spiciness brings a distinct pepper dryness.  The combined citrus and spice notes from the hops make this a sneaky strong double IPA that goes down so easy.


Wetbine IPA                        6.6% ABV      70 IBU                           

We use fresh picked Columbus and Cascade hops from Stafford County’s Foxbine Farm in this easy drinking light IPA.  It’s the freshest hop experience as you can get without picking them yourself. 


Belgian Dubbel                   7.5% ABV      18 IBU                           

A reddish-copper, complex Belgian Trappist style ale with rich malty flavors blended with dark cherry esters. 

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